Public Leadership Development

The Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership provides public officials and community leaders with the tools and skills needed to make informed decisions and manage responsive organizations effectively. Our custom programs enable state and local leaders to access university-level education in innovative leadership practices while engaging in robust discussion with their peers. We’ll help identify and address the most pressing leadership challenges you face.

Gary Sasse is the Founding Director of the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership.

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Unlocking the Potential of Your Team

“Your team members and colleagues have a tremendous capacity for creativity. Never forget that. As leaders, you must marshal the collective intellect of your people. Like our most beloved teachers, the best leaders build supportive environments that enable people to prosper…You do not have to have all the answers. You must nourish the innate curiosity of your colleagues. You need to dismantle to barriers and transform the mindsets that impede others’ creativity.”

Dr. Michael Roberto, Hassenfeld fellow and Bryant University Professor.
From his new book, Unlocking Creativity.

Understanding the
RI Credit Union Crisis

The Hassenfeld Institute has released a new case study and documentary film on the Rhode Island credit union crisis of 1991, one of the worst economic disasters in the state’s history. Officials across many branches and levels of government collaborated to work with the Internal Revenue Service, secure a federal loan from the U.S. Treasury, conduct financial examinations and prepare for a major bank merger, all against the backdrop of 45 bank closures that affected nearly one-third of the state’s population.

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