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The Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership provides public officials and community leaders with the tools and skills needed to make informed decisions and manage responsive organizations effectively. Our custom programs enable state and local leaders to access university-level education in innovative leadership practices while engaging in robust discussion with their peers. We’ll help identify and address the most pressing leadership challenges you face.

Gary Sasse is the Founding Director of the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership.

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Report: The Human Services Workforce in Rhode Island

A new Hassenfeld Institute report, published August 2020, analyzes characteristics of the human services workforce in Rhode Island to put data behind commonly-held perceptions.

The report reveals that the human services workforce is disproportionately female, more racially and ethnically diverse than the workforce as a whole, and is a low wage industry, in spite of educational attainment.

The report was produced in partnership with the Rhode Island Coalition for Children and Families.

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Article: There Are No Scientific Solutions to Strong Public Leadership

As the ongoing pandemic has highlighted the role of experts in crafting public policy, the case must be made that there are never purely technical solutions to political issues. While experts are indispensable in informing public officials, strong leadership will always be required.

In this article, Founding Director Gary Sasse warns of the dangers of a false dichotomy between government by expert rule or government by impulse-driven populism.

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