Voters Can Blunt Political Extremes, Washington Columnist Tells Bryant, Christine Dunn, The Providence Journal, June 29, 2018.
A.B. Stoddard, associate editor of RealClearPolitics, speaks on the “Extreme Politics and the Disappearing Center” at the Hassenfeld Institute’s June 2018 conference on the art of compromise.

Time to Reach Across the Aisle, Gary Sasse, The Cranston Herald, July 5, 2018.
Gary Sasse, Founding Director of the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership at Bryant University, discusses the need for revitalizing our political culture with a focus on bipartisanship.

Ranking the Vitality of Rhode Island, The Providence Journal, editorial, Jly 14, 2018.
Drawing on the Hassenfeld Institute’s recently released State Business Rankings: A Primer, The Providence Journal‘s editorial board examines the impact of state business rankings on Rhode Island’s future.

Bryant Survey Shows Support for Bond Issue,  The Providence Journal, Feb. 26, 2018.
Results from a poll conducted by the Hassenfeld Institute show voters support a bond issue to invest in school infrastructure.

2018 RI Education Survey Results
Complete results from the Hassenfeld Institute’s 2018 Rhode Island Education Survey.

Make RI All It Can Be, The Valley Breeze , Feb. 8-14, 2018.
Gary Sasse, Founding Director of the Hassenfeld Institute, reflects on what is necessary to rejuvenate Rhode Island’s economy.